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The TU Delft is full of talent. Talent that is driven by a passion for technology and the ambition to make the difference in the world. We make every effort to let students and scientists excel and realize social impact. Do you like to support this?

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Xtreme Architecture is an organized research team by students from TU Delft. Our project takes place in Sint Maarten and Saba, areas that suffer from regular climatic disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes. We wish to provide innovative building and design solutions for extreme climate conditions in areas where help is needed. We strive for strengthening communities and developing different ways to help with earthquake and hurricane resilience by working closely with a local developer. We are researching and designing affordable housing on Sint Maarten and day-care center on Saba which are not only hurricane and earthquake resilient but also boundary pushing in terms of circularity and sustainability. These projects are aimed to be actually built, as the government of Saba specifically asked us to design for them. Therefore our building and design solutions are of Xtreme importance. In the end of November we will do a (one week long) field trip with 25 students to Sint Maarten and Saba. We would like to have the opportunity to do practical testing of certain scale models which were developed during our research. This field trip will also allow us to exchange knowledge and ideas with locals. Engaging with local people reveals valuable information about their lifestyle and living in areas where help is needed in extreme climate conditions. Instead of coming up with innovative building solutions from the TU Delft we want to discover the opportunities of building together with the locals! The received amount of donations will be used to lower the overheadcosts in order to make this field trip possible. All money will be spend on the project and aims to lower the amount of our own individual investments.  Would you like to be part of our aim for new solutions and join us in shaping an exciting future? Help us by donating and please do not hesitate to contact us for further collaboration! Thank you so much.  
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