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The TU Delft is full of talent. Talent that is driven by a passion for technology and the ambition to make the difference in the world. We make every effort to let students and scientists excel and realize social impact. Do you like to support this?

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---UPDATE--- WE DID IT! - But we are not done just yet! Thanks to your support, we raised the € 12,000 we needed to cover our insurance fee! Thanks to your help, we can now start focusing purely on our launch campaign this October, and we are one step closer to reaching our final goal.  To that end, our crowdfunding campaign will remain open for a while longer. The students working on this project are unpaid, and for the launch campaign, every participant will have to pay a participation fee in order to cover travel, camping and sustenance for the long 4 week campaign.  The money that is raised from now on from this campaign will go directly to help ease the financial burden on our students:  For every 850 € raised, we would be able to fully sponsor a student for the entirety of the launch campaign.  Any money we raise will go towards reducing the participation fee for every member of the team.  Thank you to everyone who donated, from the bottom of our hearts, for the your help, support, and trust. Together, we can reach new and greater heights. ____________________________________________ DARE NEEDS YOUR HELP TO BREAK RECORDS! Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) has a long history of launching rockets: From small projects for students to setting and breaking the European altitude record for amateur rocketry (12.5 and 21.5 km), we have done it all. We now ask for your help to conquer our biggest challenge up to now: To break the student altitude world record. We aim to launch the Stratos IV rocket, fully designed and built by TU Delft students, to at least reach an altitude of 61 kilometers. The singlemost important requirement for DARE is launching the Stratos IV rocket safely. It is also important to do so responsibly which requires us to take on a launch insurance. Furthermore, we still need to cover several operational launch campaign costs. With your donation, you will be supporting us by helping cover these expenses and allow us to close the last gap to launch our record-breaking rocket. Join us in this effort to put DARE and the Netherlands in the history books. Together we can launch this rocket, push boundaries, and break records! Donators from the USA might prefer to make their donation through this website regarding tax deductibility: * The current validated student altitude world record is set at 37.8 miles (60.8km) by the Embry-Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Society.
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Example ventilators shipped to local projects

13-05-2020 | 12:21 Example ventilators have been shipped to Guatemala and Ukraine, where they will be used as base model. In Guatemala, this project can double the national stock of ventilators! The goal is to produce the ventilators by the local production company Talleres Hernandez and provide them to the Rooseveld Hospital in Guatemala City. This local project in Quatemala launched their own website: In the meantime, information is shared with local organisations in various countries as the US, Costa Rica, India, Niger, Mexico and Honduras. More information about the collaboration with Quatemala can be found in the following article, written by TU Delta: 
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62ste Bestuur

25-06-2021 | 09:24 To: Launch of the Da Vinci Satellite Great initiative!!! Proud to contribute to make this project come true and thereby inspiring our upcoming generation on what space has to offer! Rein, Arjan, Pieter, Sjoerd, Pierre, Jeroen & Peter