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We are a group of ambitious students who share an intense passion for rocket design. Proudly we present our new rocket Stratos III. Now we are ready to launch! This is where we need you! Reach new heights with us to get back the European altitude record! The goal of our group Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) is to continuously push the boundaries of student rocketry. We are striving to be the first student organization to reach space. The Stratos II+ rocket broke the European altitude record in October 2015, by reaching an altitude of 21.5 km.In the meantime, the record has been broken by several teams, including HyEnD from Stuttgart. We are eager to get the record back in Dutch hands again, which has led us to develop Stratos III. It contains several advanced technologies, including a 4.7 meter composite oxidizer tank and an advanced parachute deployment mechanism. To launch the rocket, we need a large amount of fuel and oxidizer (the oxygen supply to burn the fuel). In fact, 60% of our rocket consists of the tank for the oxidizer. We need 18 tanks still. For this we need your help! Together we can take back the record! We have the opportunity to launch the rocket from the El Arenosillo test center in Spain. This will take place on July 16th already! Donate now to help us make our launch possible!    
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15-07-2018 | 23:38 To: Make Stratos Fly!