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The TU Delft is full of talent. Talent that is driven by a passion for technology and the ambition to make the difference in the world. We make every effort to let students and scientists excel and realize social impact. Do you like to support this?

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Hi there! We are Alexandru, Joppe, Tadé and Xavier. Through the TU Delft Minor International Entrepreneurship & Development, together with Reef Support and the Indonesia Biru Foundation (ReefSupportxIBF), we will restore coral reefs in Central Indonesia with innovative techniques! Read more about Reef Support, IBF and their innovative techniques under the tab 'Reef Support & IBF'! Since the 1950's, more than half of the coral reefs in our whole world have ceased to exist and if this trend continues, we will have lost or severely damaged over 90% of the worldwide coral reefs. 25% of marine life will cease to exist because of the dying coral reefs. Moreover it will cause serious threaths for the human population. The coral reefs support almost one billion people via income, food, medicine, tourism and protection against extreme waves. The UN has declared 2021 to 2030 both the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the Decade on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. So there is no time to wait. We need your help NOW!   Why do we need your help? ReefSupportxIBF possesses the skill and knowledge to regrow these corals, but not yet nurturing equipment to initiate their project. This equipment consists of a reef tank in which the coral reefs will be nurtured and the climate can fully be controlled. In these tanks, young coral can grow, after which they are replanted into the sea. There they will continue to grow in their natural habitat. In total we need €5000: €4800 for the tanks, which costs €1200 each. The spare €200 is required for shipment and installation of the tanks. 
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