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Fortaleciendo la adopción de tecnología con la comunidad amazónica Tikuna de Puerto Esperanza


Colaboraremos con tres organizaciones con sede en Colombia. Junto a MasporTIC y la Consorcio One Health crearemos un prototipo para elaborar medicamento a partir de uña de gato (Uncaria guianensis y U. tomentosa) de forma sostenible. Esto contribuirá a que la comunidad indígena de Puerto Esperanza desarrolle actividades productivas basadas en el manejo de la especie uña de gato y de acuerdo a sus prácticas tradicionales. 

 Comunidad Ticuna

Puerto Esperanza is a Ticuna indigenous community located in the Southern Colombian Amazon, between the towns of Leticia and Puerto Nariño. This indigenous population lives in the territory of the triple frontier of Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The Ticuna communities carry out traditional subsistence activities such as fishing, hunting and planting fields, and some of them develop productive activities related to tourism. We expect to contribute to strengthening the productive activities of the community of Puerto Esperanza with the co-creation of a new prototype for processing Cat's Claw, a medicinal plant from the Amazon rainforest that is part of their traditional medicine.


Strengthening the Ticuna Community: Sustainable Processing of Cat's Claw

We invite you to join us on a transformative journey that combines innovation, culture, and sustainability. Our project, "Empowering the Ticuna Community: Sustainable Cat's Claw Processing," is a labor of love and a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives.

Our mission: Our mission is clear and impactful: to co-create with the community a sustainable prototype for the processing of cat's claw, a plant species native to the Amazon rainforest, that contributes to the economic empowerment, cultural preservation, and environmental sustainability of Puerto Esperanza. We want to aid to the development of productive activities in this community based on the management of the species of cat´s claw and according to their traditional practices.

The team:

  • Head of Communication: Marina (19), born in Madrid, Spain is currently in her 3rd year of the Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Head of Finance: Mees (21), born in the Hague is currently in his 4th year of the Bachelor Maritime Technologies.
  • Head of Management: Puck (21), born in Driebergen is currently in her 4th year of the Bachelor Applied Physics.
  • Head of Marketing: Douwe (22), born in Singapore is currently in his 4th year of the Bachelor of Technology, Policy and Management.

Why Cat's Claw? Cat's Claw, scientifically known as Uncaria Tomentosa, is a revered vine native to the Amazon rainforest. It contains traditional medicinal uses, known for reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system, it is already sold in the form of oils, pills and tea. This extraordinary plant offers the Ticuna people a path to economic independence while maintaining the integrity of their culture and the Amazon ecosystem.

The impact: By supporting our project, you not only contribute to the sustainable growth of a community; You enable a thriving ecosystem in which:

  • Economic empowerment flourishes as the Ticuna community gains access to new markets for Cat's Claw products, generating revenue and employment.
  • Cultural preservation is honored when we work with the Ticuna population to celebrate and protect their cultural heritage.
  • Environmental sustainability is being developed now that the management of the rainforest is regulated by the Ticuna community and tourism has a smaller grip on the Amazon area.

How you can help: Your support is invaluable. By supporting our project, you will become a partner in a journey to transform lives and protect one of Earth's most precious ecosystems. Your contributions will directly fund the development of the cat's claw processing prototype, provide economic opportunities for the Ticuna community, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

Where do the donations go? The donations will be spent on designing, building and testing the prototypes. To make sure that we end up with a sustainable and optimal working prototype we will need to first do tests with prototypes on a smaller scale. This means that we have to spend funds on material for multiple ideas. After we have completed this process and have found the most suitable design, we need to start building the final version of our prototype on a scale with which they can process on a large scale. This is where the most significant part of the funds will be invested, because of the number of parts and size of the final product.


Join us as we work hand in hand with the community of Puerto Esperanza to create a better future for the Amazon rainforest, its people and our planet.

We express our sincere thanks for your support. Together, we can turn the tide, empower a community, and protect a global treasure: the Amazon rainforest.


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