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In honor of our 130th anniversary, we, from D.B.S.G. Stylos, are organizing a project 'Build with Delft'. With the temporary building, which will be realized in the Spoorzone, we want to connect students of TU Delft with the residents of Delft, and also show them the future of architecture!

The structure will consist of different modules, which together form one building. The students will design a module in collaboration with different target groups from Delft. Every module will be given to these parties after completion to get a permanent place! Stunt, Taste!, Buyten Delft, Scouting Paulus and Kinderboerderij Tanthof are already organisations we are in contact with to design something they are currently missing, so that the design contributes something for the recipients. For example, consider a module for the petting zoo where bee hives can be placed.

The structure will be built by students and volunteers during the first week of June. During the time the structure stands, several events will be held to bring students and the city together, such as an opening event on the 10th of June, and a dinner. More info about the events follow soon! After 30 days, the modules will be brought to the organisations.

We just can't do this without your help! Together, we can then begin to realize our structure on June 4.

Contribute your (building) part now by donating and sharing!


Afer the 30 days, the construction will be gifted to differerent foundations and parties from Delft. Here, the modules will get a permanent spot, so everyone can enjoy the modules forever!

Stunt is a Delft-based foundation with different several apprenticeships, from the upcycle workplace to their own lunchroom. They offer everyone a chance to be of value in society. The module for Stunt will be a covered terrace with lots of greenery, complementing the lunchroom 'Brood op de Plank'.

Taste Delft is a community of neighbors in the Voorhof, who love to share what they have. Everyone is welcome in the beautiful garden, with conviviality and good coffee. Together with Taste we are designing a greenhouse in which they can grow their own vegetables and fruits.

Fundraiser by Taste Delft : Help Taste! aan een nieuwe hypotheek

Stadsboerderij BuytenDelft 
Stadsboederij BuytenDelft is located next to the Delftse Hout and is a great place for families and Delft residents to relax, play games or have a bite to eat. This is a place where everyone is welcome, which is why we are designing a play tunnel where children with disabilities can play nicely.

Faculty of Architecture 
The faculty of Architecture is a place where thousands of students are educated, hundreds of researchers research innovative and sustainable solutions in collaboration with the professors and teachers. The Architecture module will be a study place for several people.

Scouting Paulus
Scouting Paulus Delft is a place where children and youth develop different skills through adventurous activities in nature. Here, long-term friendships are formed and everyone has fun. To this end, we design a "chill" module together with Scouting where the scouts can play a game or just unwind.

Kinderboerderij Tanthof
Stichting Kinderboerderij en waterspeeltuin Tanthof is the green oasis of Delft-Zuid. Besides all the animals at the petting zoo and the fun in the water playground, there are also all kinds of activities such as the Summer Festival or changing scavenger hunts that connect residents and visitors. Together with the petting zoo, we are designing a bee barn for the bees.

Questions about the project in general?

Maria van Leest
015 - 278 36 97


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Gerlinde Havelaar
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The Lustrum Pavilion stands!

11-06-2024 | 11:07 Last week was the construction week of the Lustrum Pavilion. Thanks to all the donations and effort of the group and volunteers, we managed to build the pavilion! Last Sunday was the opening, where Mrs. Zwart (Alderman of Sustainability Delft) officially opened the pavilion in a beautiful way. The pavilion will be there until July 1, so feel free to come by and take a look! During this month a number of events will take place such as a dinner and a closing festival. More information about the project and events can be found at  Love Lustrum 26!  
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