Tackling Zanzibar’s waste problem by creating new products

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Dear reader,

Our names are Ilse, Kim and Manou. Together with CHAKO Zanzibar, we aim to tackle the waste problem in Zanzibar.

CHAKO is a social enterprise in Zanzibar, an island of Tanzania. It is known for its beautiful white beaches, clear waters and rich history. However, partly due to the large amount of tourists that see the island every year, there is a major waste problem. CHAKO tries to contribute to the solution of the waste problem and also to tackle economic inequality on the island, as half the population lives below the poverty line.

The company is simultaneously tackling these issues by upcycling the waste into locally sourced, beautiful products, made by the artisans of Zanzibar. CHAKO products are made from recycled materials. Not only does this create something beautiful from waste, it also teaches the local community to recycle. CHAKO encourages learning by teaching and guiding local artisan producers to be creative and artistic without any restrictions. CHAKO enhances economic opportunities by enabling local artisan producers to expand their range, build networks and contact you.

Last year, the TU Delft group helped CHAKO by converting a bicycle into a plastic shredder, so that plastic waste can be made into usable material in a sustainable way. This year we want to take CHAKO one step further on their mission to become as sustainable as possible, by taking the first steps towards creating a zero-waste workplace.

Our idea is to design and produce a new product line that is made from the glass waste that remains after the production of the other products. In this way, waste that CHAKO collects from the street will no longer be returned to the street.

You can play an important role in this fight against litter problem in Zanzibar. To be able to make the product line, money is needed for materials and machines. Our target amount is 700 euros. We plan to spend this on tools (€250), materials for the molds (€250) and materials for the prototypes (€200). Should we raise more money than the target, we will use the surplus to buy spare tools and for transport costs incurred for traveling to the customers.


If you donate and help us on our mission, you will receive various gifts! If you donate €10, you will receive a beautiful postcard from Zanzibar with a personalized message from us and the craftsmen at CHAKO. For €20 you will receive a very personalized card, with photos and a message. With a donation of 50 euros you will receive a recycled kitengi bag, made by CHAKO. With a donation of €100,- we will not only record a personal video message together with CHAKO, but you will also receive the bag and a card!


We are very happy that we have the opportunity to help CHAKO further and think it is a wonderful project. If you would like more information, please visit CHAKO Zanzibar's website: https://www.chakozanzibar.com/. We will record our process on TikTok, where you can follow us at @tudelft_chako2021.

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15-11-2021 | 07:50  Dear donors, We have reached our goal! Thank you so much for donating, we will create something beautiful. Ilse, Manou & Kim
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