Restore the coral reefs in Indonesia!

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Worldwide, 50% of coral reefs have already been lost. Indonesia is one of the countries most affected by this. Due to the ever increasing water temperature of the sea, more and more corals are dying off. If this problem is not addressed, all corals will die off before 2050. This has a huge effect on marine life. About 25% of marine life is at risk of extinction. Coral extinction also has serious consequences for people, think of income, nutrition and coastal protection from waves.

The Indonesia Biru Foundation (IBF) restores coral reefs by letting the strong corals, who have already proven to be resilient to higher seawatertemperatures, grow in aquariums in a controlled climate. When the coral is strong enough, it is planted back into the sea, where it can continue to grow. This accelerated natural selection will make the coral reefs more resistant to the higher temperatures and acidification of the ocean.

We are Coosje, Quirine, Imke and Steef and together with IBF we want to expand this innovative and efficient method. IBF already owns a basic lab and some so-called reef tanks, but we want more! In order to expand IBF's capacities, it is essential not to depend on donations but to generate a reliable income themselves. By selling Sustainable Diving Trips to the many tourists on Lombok, Bali and the Gili Islands and giving those divers the opportunity to first-hand replant coral back into the ocean, we create a situation where both
parties get something positive out of it.

With the help of your donation we can help the Indonesian Biru Foundation to launch a new product and to generate a steady sustainable source of income so that the corals in Indonesia can continue to be restored.

Understanding the base of our vision (financially) is shown. We hope it gives you an idea of how your donation is going to make a real difference!

  • Funding for information board ~ 200 euros

IBF requested an info board to place on sight. This will contain a map of the bay with the different businesses and areas. It's possible to get your name on this informationboard when donating! 

  • Funding for flyers ~ 50 euros

The flyers will be used to promote the new diving product which IBF will be selling. They will be available at the local hotels and    tourist shops.

  • Business trips to the Gili Islands, Bali and other villages in Lombok ~ 100 euro

Because we want to raise more awareness among tourists/divers and give them the possibility to plant back corals during their dive, we have to reach the tourists at the Gili Islands for example to get them to come to IBF. 

  • Website building ~ 500 euros

The website of IBF should get an update to become easier to read and use. The product has to be at the front page of the website and should be visualized with quality pictures and videos.

  • Decorating the IBF sight ~ 800 euros

IBF does not yet have a seating area for visitors which is a must when we launch the new product. Besides this IBF also requested to paint the building next to it to create a photowall so people can easily share their experiences and recognize that they are at IBF.

  • Sets of snorkeling gear ~ 400 euros

By getting IBF snorkeling gear to rent out, we provide them with a source of sustainable income.

  • Souvenirs dive experience ~ 500 euros

This money will be used to give the customers a souvenir after their dive which they can bring home. It will probably help to buy an underwater camera to take pictures of the divers. 


In total, we have to raise 2550 euros. Besides crowdfunding, we reached out to different funds for financial support.