Teaching Entrepreneurship in Africa

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 "Providing education for Tanzanian, Rwandan and Ugandan students to enrich their entrepreneurial skills!"


Dear reader,

We are Jasper, Robbin, Sarah, Maxime, Joost, Tom, Annette, Maarten and Evi, nine students from TU Delft. Divided into three groups, we will do several volunteer projects in the countries Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. These projects have been set up within the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development and have an overarching goal; to reduce unemployment among youth by stimulating entrepreneurship.

In cooperation with the local authorities: MUBS, Elabs Institute of Science and Technology and INES Ruhengeri, we are developing a teaching toolkit, which we will implement locally. All this so that the students can get better guidance in starting their own business, by which we want to enthuse the young entrepreneurs to further develop their talents.

For this, we need your help! Many educational tools that we use at TU Delft are less common in the countries mentioned above. In order to improve education locally, it is therefore essential to have access to the right teaching materials of high quality. This crowdfunding has been set up to pay for these materials, for which a total amount of 2500 euros is needed.

It is estimated that the collected amount will be divided as follows:

- 1000 euros for the theoretical teaching materials, such as A0 size canvases, sticky notes, workbooks etc.

- 1500 euros for the practical teaching materials, such as thermometers, 100 L barrels, packaging materials etc.

We will do our utter best to contribute to the improvement of education with the help of our Delft knowledge. And we are very much looking forward to realising our projects thanks to your contribution. That is why we would like to thank you by sending a t-shirt after a donation of 20 euros or 25 euros (depending on the address). We offer different sizes: you can choose between S, M, L and XL. Please leave the desired size with your address, between brackets!

Heeft u vragen of wilt u ons iets laten weten, neem dan gerust contact met ons op! 

Mail: epa@mawey.be

Telefoon: +31 6 3426 2402

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