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We are Emergence, the brand-new Dream Team from TU Delft. 

We hope to develop a space at the TUDelft for playful tinkering, experimentation and collaboration between all kinds of different disciplines. A team that develops artworks that offer a different perspective upon the impact of technology on society, creating opportunities to discuss and reflect.

What We Do:

Emergence is a Dream Team consisting of 22 engineers from TU Delft and 11 art students from Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Together, we dedicate the next six months to making a "dream" a reality voluntarily. We harness the collective strengths of technical engineers, designers, and artists to explore the intersections of these fields and develop innovative artistic concepts.

Over the next six months, Emergence aims to create new media artworks that reflect on and respond to the digital society.

How We Do It:

At Emergence, art and technology students collaborate on the research and development of new artistic media, drawing on the expertise of both TU Delft and nearby art schools. We pursue this through two different types of projects: the Platform Project and the Main Project.

The Platform Projects are based on curiosity-driven research and develop artworks that respond to open calls or commissioned projects. They each last for one semester.

On the other hand, the annual Main Project follows a more traditional "dream team" approach with a mission-driven focus. It consists of both a research and development phase, spanning a year.

Help us move forward!

Since we are a brand-new team and at the beginning of our journey, we have little to no financial resources. We aim to raise funds with your help through this crowdfunding campaign to finance our Platform and New Media project.

The annual New Media Project has a mission-driven focus. It consists of both a research and development phase. The research phase, which runs from February to July, aims to create a new artistic medium that builds upon the current research at TU Delft.

The next six months we will develop an infrared projector (see visual) that is capable of creating invisible projections. Through a camera, we can visualize them, giving rise to a new form of Augmented Reality. This blurs the distinction between what is virtual and what is real, inspiring research into the imperceptible layers of our world.

Ultimately, our goal is to participate in the annual Prix Ars Electronica, the world's most renowned media arts competition. We will also showcase our installation at Highlight Delft 2024.

For more information about our exhibition and competition:

ARS electronica

Highlight Delft

The Platform projects are entirely centered around curiosity-driven research. These projects explore the intersection of artistic and technical disciplines, providing a space for experimentation and discovery. Over the course of a single semester, all Platform project teams will complete a full research and development cycle.

Currently, our first Platform project at Emergence is in their first half of the year. The team has chosen to delve into the field of Neuroscience to illuminate the complexity of the brain within an artistic context. Within the realm of neuroscience, the platform team will investigate the intersection of art and technology of Human Cognition.

Ultimately, the platform team will submit their work to the Art of Neuroscience competition at Eye Amsterdam. Additionally, we will showcase this installation at our Platform event in the Aula Delft.


For more information about our Platform event and the competition, please visit:

Art of Neuroscience competition:


Platform event:

Stay tuned for updates.

Contact us:

Nora Overhuijs | Operations Manager


+316 31 95 01 62

Follow our adventure through our website and social media:

Website: https://www.emergencedelft.nl/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emergencedelft/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/98069932/admin/feed/posts/