Empowering Tanzanian Farmers

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Tanzania is one of the most fertile countries in Africa. So why are there annual food shortages? This is due to Tanzania experiencing longer periods of drought from May to October. We aim to show Tanzanian students/farmers how to sustainably grow crops even in times of drought. In this way, we hope to make a valuable contribution to more efficient agriculture in Tanzania!


In collaboration with the YEP-Tanzania foundation, we will spend three months at a farm-school in Misungwi, Northern Tanzania, working on the installation of a water irrigation system for the outdoor fields of the farm.

This project has two main goals: a technical one and an educational one. The technical goal focuses on developing an irrigation system for the outdoor fields of the farm. This will enable harvesting even during the dry season, contributing to increased agricultural production and the farm's commercial objectives. The second goal is to encourage local young Tanzanians to become commercial farmers. YEP teaches these local students/farmers how to start their own commercial farm and make investment decisions. We will try to impart this knowledge by involving them in our investments on the farm and explaining the impact of those investments.

Meet the team:

We are Gijs (mechanical engineering), Sjoerd (aerospace engineering), and Sara (international development), and we are a team within the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development at TU-Delft.

Because of our different academic backgrounds, we have a wide range of expertise in both socio-economic and technical fields. This will help us to be successful in Tanzania not only technically but also to have a positive impact on the people involved!

Why donate?

To make our project successful, we need your financial support. The target amount is 4000 euros. With that money, we can install a new irrigation system and improve the existing system. This will make the farm less dependent on seasons and demonstrate to the local community what is possible in the field of commercial farming. We would like to emphasize that all travel expenses and living costs are entirely borne by ourselves. This means that 100% of the raised amount will be directly invested in the project.

The raised money will go towards the following investments:

  • New water tank for storage of 10,000 L: €1000
  • Installation of irrigation system: €1500
  • Improvement of water pump (solar panels and a new pump): €1000

We appreciate any form of financial contribution to support our project.

If you have any questions about the project or are interested in a collaboration, you can email us at projectmisungwi@gmail.com or reach us by phone at +31628804080. For additional information about the farm and YEP-Tanzania, you can visit https://yeptanzania.or.tz/.

Thank you very much!

Gijs, Sara & Sjoerd

€10 Donate Friends of Misungwi - Do you choose this donation? You will then receive an email update about the project every two weeks, so you stay involved in the latest news! 14 donors €30 Donate Good friends of Misungwi - Do you choose this donation? Your name will then be written on a plate near the tank and you will receive a handmade traditional bracelet. This way you and your involvement will be immortalized in Misungwi and you will have a lasting memory of your contribution! 7 donors €60 Donate Silver friends of Misungwi - With this donation, we will have a T-shirt specially made for you by a local tailor in Misungwi. After our return, we will send it to you. With this contribution, you are not only supporting a local clothing maker but also our project! €120 Donate Recommended Golden friends of Misungwi - At this donation level, we will gift two pairs of shoes to two Tanzanian children at a school near our farm. With your contribution, you help these children to attend school and you support our project. As a token of our gratitude, you will receive a personal thank-you card, both digitally and in print, featuring a photo of the children you've assisted with your donation! 4 donors €250 Donate Best friends of Misungwi - With this donation, you'll receive everything: a handmade Tanzanian bracelet, a traditional Tanzanian T-shirt crafted by a tailor in Misungwi. Additionally, your name will be placed on the water tank, and on your behalf, we will donate two pairs of shoes to a boy and a girl at a school near the farm! You will also receive a personal thank-you card. 2 donors €500 Donate Partners of Misungwi - With this donation, your company becomes a valued partner of our project. We will present your company as a sponsor on our social media and in the aftermovie of the project. Your company logo will be prominently displayed on the farm and at the water tank for a year, and you will receive high-quality images of this. We look forward to working together! For questions, please email projectmisungwi@gmail.com