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We are Delft Hyperloop: a team consisting of 40 motivated students who, during the course of a year, work on the transportation method of the future. As a TU Delft Dream team, we work on a prototype of the hyperloop every year since 2016, with which we compete against student teams from all over the world. By doing so, we introduce new technologies and useful knowledge which stimulate the development of the hyperloop network.

The hyperloop is a new mode of transportation in which a pod (comparable to a train carriage) floats through a vacuum tube and is propelled by magnets. As a result, there is no rolling and air resistance making speeds up to 1,000 km/h possible. This ensures that you no longer have to choose between fast and sustainable travelling. 

One of our main goals this year is to bring the hyperloop concept to the attention of a wider audience. To make the hyperloop network a reality, acceptance and understanding of the concept is necessary. A documentary capturing the development of the hyperloop technology contributes to this. The documentary will show how both the pod and our team develop in a year full of highlights and setbacks. At the end, we will conclude our year with the competition in Edinburgh where we strive to win the first prize at the European Hyperloop Week, and capture everything in our documentary for the legacy of future Dream Teams.  

Join the sustainable mobility revolution and support our project - the future will arrive faster ;)

Nynke Hilverda - Public Relations Manager

+316 39051446

This year we want to tell as many people as possible about our project in order to get more people to understand and support the hyperloop concept. To give the best possible picture of what exactly the hyperloop is and what exactly Delft Hyperloop does, we want to capture our year. We are working with several parties who will help us make the documentary a reality. With these parties we have set a budget for the documentary. We have noticed that a lot of costs need to be taken into account for the development of a documentary. Some of the main costs are: the filming days, the equipment and the editing. Adding all of these costs up we expect that we will need around 15.000 euros. In order to make the documentary possible we need your financial help!