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Dear Reader,

We are Noah, Philip, and Willem, students at TU Delft. For our minor, International Entrepreneurship & Development, we are working on the project Las Americas.

Our project is confirmed in Quito the capital of Ecuador, a country rich of beautiful nature. However, in Quito there is still little to see of all the nature that once existed. In Quito, there are four natural water streams left and these streams are surrounded by a lot of green. We are going to tackle two of these areas: La Josefina and El Carrizal. Unfortunately, these places have been polluted by the local population in recent years. This is because these places had no purpose and were therefore not maintained and cleaned.

To involve the whole neighbourhood, we will build learning environments for nearby primary schools. The learning environments will consist of two parts:

First, we will build two large school gardens. Here, a number of children from the local primary school will get their own piece of land. On this piece of land, they will grow their own vegetables. All the fruit and vegetables harvested will go to the children and their families.

Secondly, there will be a roof to give lessons. The children will visit their vegetable garden once or twice a week. These visits are accompanied by cleaning the area and maintaining the natural environment. They will also get a gardening lesson in the vegetable garden itself or under the canopy. For these lessons, we create teaching modules in cooperation with the local primary school and gardening experts in Quito.

These learning environments give the new generation of Quito a degree of environmental awareness, so they change the established habits of polluting. In addition, these learning environments are built near the last natural areas in metropolitan Quito. This gives these areas a new social purpose and also contributes to the prevention of pollution in these areas.

We cannot achieve all this without your donation. Your money will be used for:

Construction of the vegetable gardens & canopy 1300,-

Purchase of materials 700,-

Other costs 500,-

Every donation is highly appreciated, by us and the children.