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Makerspace Delft is the newest addition to the TU Delft ecosystem of incubators and accelerators. Since its founding in November 2020, during the height of the pandemic, this student-run workshop offers student entrepreneurs a safe space with high-tech tools, enabling students in Delft to turn their sustainable and innovative ideas into functioning prototypes! 

Makerspace Delft came about during the current crisis in response to the shutting down of prototyping possibilities as universities and institutions closed their doors. These closures of prototyping spaces during the Coronavirus pandemic have had an unpredictable and unprecedented impact on collaboration. This is especially true for students at the TU Delft, who thrive in a hands-on interactive environment. 

After a successful Grand Opening, we are preparing ourselves for the next big step. Our community has grown substantially and as we are operating at full capacity right now we have realized that there is a need for our facilities after the end of this pandemic. To ensure that we can still help future social entrepreneurs, we want to expand our assortment with more heavy duty machinery. However, due to its large costs we are looking for financial support.

Therefore we need you! With your donation, we can buy a CNC Milling Machine and support the future generation of social entrepreneurs!

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 Our facility in the Kabeldistrict of Delft is the perfect place to make a prototype for a sustainable and innovative project or startup. We provide all the tools necessary to complete small to medium sized prototypes, and are working hard to continuously improve our range of equipment. The space currently features a 75sqm workshop on the ground floor, along with a 50sqm collaboration area upstairs.

Whether students are working with electronics, wood, metal, carbon fiber or plastic, we have the right tools! Check out our assortment of tools below:

  • Complete Set of Hand Tools
  • Complete Set of Handheld Power Tools
  • Variety of Measurement Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Power Tools (wood and metal working)
  • 3D Printer Station
  • Electronics Station
  • Laser Cutter (100W, 130 x 90cm working area)
  • Coming soon: CNC router

Our premise is to allow for a fully equipped space for individuals who may not have the financials otherwise. What we offer is a flexible and affordable model which does exactly that. In order to stay operational, a variety of in-kind and in-cash partnerships and subsidies support our space and community further.

Makerspace Delft is run by an enthusiastic management team made out of student volunteers with experience in Dreamteams (Silverwing, Forze, Hyperloop and VIRTUe), start-ups (Senseglove), university organizations (GreenTU) and multinationals (Microsoft, Akzo Nobel, and Bentley). Currently the management team consists of eight different nationalities and six different TU Delft studies. 

Beyond our management, a number of students are tightly connected with the Makerspace in the form of a mentor programme, where they support our community members with a variety of technical skills over a certain topic. For example, our mentor programme already features mentors with expertise in programming, hydroponic systems, 3D printing and laser cutting. 

The community of Makerspace Delft has an eclectic mix of non-profit initiatives, startups and individual projects, either with a focus on innovation, sustainability, or creativity! 














Beyond offering a space with high-tech tools, Makerspace Delft also envisions itself as a space that also enables the sharing of technical knowledge! This relates to another barrier in setting up an initiative, which is the need for multidisciplinary skills. A successful entrepreneur is usually knowledgeable in a variety of fields. Makerspace Delft wants to make it possible for every TU Delft student, regardless of their discipline, to learn how to code, do woodworking, fundraising, and more.