Living Lab - Coastal interventions in the Bac Lieu Province

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We are a multidisciplinary team from TU Delft, working on a research project focused on coastal protection and mangrove management in Bac Lieu province, Vietnam. The Mekong Delta has been struggling with severe coastal erosion and land subsidence for years, posing significant risks to both the environment and local communities. Despite numerous efforts by various organizations, there is a lack of centralized data and effective communication with local residents. This hinders a sustainable and collaborative approach to addressing these issues.

To tackle these challenges, several institutes, including TU Delft, have proposed the establishment of a physical Living Lab. This lab will serve as a platform where all stakeholders – including contractors, scientists, and directly affected residents – can collaborate on innovative solutions for coastal protection and mangrove management. Our team will conduct field measurements and observations, considering both the physical and historical and political contexts of the interventions. Additionally, we will interview local residents, especially the elderly and farmers, who have valuable knowledge and experiences about the coastal changes. We are taking the first step towards the social policy of the Living Lab.

Why do we need your help now?

The Living Lab urgently needs equipment and resources to support our research and collaboration activities. We require €3200 for specialized equipment and logistical costs. This includes measuring instruments and technologies to collect and analyze data, as well as the costs for a translator and incentives for the cooperation of local residents. The logistical costs are intended to enable us to reach the remote areas in the Delta with the measuring equipment.

Your donation will directly contribute to:

  • Acquiring advanced measuring instruments to collect accurate data on coastal defense and land subsidence.
  • Establishing a communication system to improve collaboration between water institutes and local communities.
  • Documenting the knowledge and experiences of local residents, which is crucial for developing effective and sustainable solutions.

With your support, we can protect the Mekong Delta from further erosion and land subsidence, making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people. Help us continue this important work and donate today!

Thanks to your contribution, we can work together towards a more sustainable and safer future for the Mekong Delta and its residents.

Noë ter Avest: +31637433013

  • Field observation campaign of coastal interventions
  • Environment research around the interventions
  • Technical, Historical and Political study of the found interventions
    • Potential modelling of effect of interventions
  • Interview of local residents
    • Interview of elders about interventions
    • Interview of farmers about interventinos and opinions about
      the coast defences
    • Interviews to find needs of local residents for coastal defence

If there is sufficient time and desire for additional field test or surveys
for the living lab project, this can be added to the project if discussed

  • Equipment for measurements and data collection (e.g., GPS, drones, water quality sensors)
  • Rental of local boats or vehicles for access to remote areas
  • Assistance from local experts and historians
  • Interpreters and translators 
  • Logistical costs for organizing interview sessions
  • Compensation for interview participants