Education on climate change in Quito

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We are Roger, Lars, and Django. Via the Tu Delft Minor International Entrepreneurship & development, we will design a game (board and online) for children between 13-14 years old in Quito (Ecuador) to bring climate change awareness. We will be doing this in collaboration with students from Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA) and with the children's input. We want to know what they find interesting and how the children are best educated. 

Because of Covid-19, children have fallen behind in education since it was not possible to get online education. There were no adequate platforms and no steady internet connection or even a way to connect to the internet. 

Our goal is to increase the interest of 8th and 9th graders. By learning game-based about climate change, we want to intrigue the children and create keen interest.  

Our project will consist of 3 phases: Phase 1 is in the Netherlands; we will do research on reference games and prepare a survey for the children to test their knowledge and find out what their interests are. Phase 2 will start when we arrive in Quito, we will visit public schools to interact with the children. Afterwards, we will work together with the students from UDLA to work out our initial ideas and prototypes which we will consequently test at the schools. The last phase consists of applying the feedback we got from testing the prototypes and creating a final design. Next to the board game, we will also be launching a demo of the online game. 

Why do we need your help?

To realise the ideas we co-created with UDLA students and the children in Quito, we need your help! Producing the prototypes and designing the online game will not be possible without your donations. This is where we need your contribution. Together with you, we can create climate change awareness among the youth in Ecuador.

Our project already starts on the 16th of November, that's why we need your help now. The faster you donate the faster we can start our project!

Help us make children in Ecuador become aware of climate change through a game-based learning experience and donate!

Below you can see the different stages of crowdfunding, under the page crowdfunding plan it is further explained.

If you have questions about our project, you can get in with us contact via

Below you can see the different stages of the crowdfunding plan.

Depending on the funding raised different outcomes can be achieved.