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Welcome to our initiative to provide low-paid workers in San Jose, Costa Rica with better job opportunities and thereby improve their lives. We are Philippe, Florent, Lynn and Kyra. All four students at TU Delft, who together want to leave a valuable impact. We would like to take you to the heart of our project, where we will explain the problem, our strategy and especially your crucial role. You can follow our process of the project on our instagram @peoplesprogress_tudelft.

The Project:
"Alimentos Zuñiga" is a leading company in the production and distribution of roasted bananas and other products, nationally and internationally. Products: banana and cashew chips. Alimentos Zuñiga wants the workers in the packaging department (the lowest-paid workers in general) to receive, as an added benefit, a social guidance designed and implemented by us in collaboration with the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (ULatina); to improve their lives in general.
We will develop a product that they can use in improving their general skills. These include learning English and Microsoft Office skills, being able to work with e-mail and being able to prepare a CV.
We will design an appropriate product that will enable them to effectively develop these skills and thus get a better position in the job market. We will also develop a poster that will encourage them in their personal progression and provide incentive. In this way, they can obtain a better job or a job alongside their work at Alimentos Zúñiga.

Our Approach:
During our stay in Costa Rica, we will take a number of steps to successfully complete the project. We will interview the workers for whom we will make the skillpath to get to the core of their needs. This way, we will find out which skills they most want to improve. In addition, we will test a number of prototypes over time so that we can make many improvements to achieve the best result. Ultimately, we will end up with a suitable product for each employee with which they can improve their skills.

What we can do with your donations:
Your donation is very important for the success of our project. With your contribution, we are able to gather the necessary resources to make our project a success. These include the prototypes, teaching materials, posters, travel expenses to the workers, workbooks and, of course, the final product. Your contribution will directly contribute to improving the lives of Alimentos Zúñiga workers. All other donations that will not be used for our project will be given another appropriate purpose.
Together, we can create a positive impact on these lives.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Kind regards,
Philippe, Florent, Lynn and Kyra