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Hi there! We are Alexandru, Joppe, Tadé and Xavier. Through the TU Delft Minor International Entrepreneurship & Development, together with Reef Support and the Indonesia Biru Foundation (ReefSupportxIBF), we will restore coral reefs in Central Indonesia with innovative techniques! Read more about Reef Support, IBF and their innovative techniques under the tab 'Reef Support & IBF'!

Since the 1950's, more than half of the coral reefs in our whole world have ceased to exist and if this trend continues, we will have lost or severely damaged over 90% of the worldwide coral reefs. 25% of marine life will cease to exist because of the dying coral reefs. Moreover it will cause serious threaths for the human population. The coral reefs support almost one billion people via income, food, medicine, tourism and protection against extreme waves. The UN has declared 2021 to 2030 both the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the Decade on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. So there is no time to wait. We need your help NOW!


Why do we need your help?

ReefSupportxIBF possesses the skill and knowledge to regrow these corals, but not yet nurturing equipment to initiate their project. This equipment consists of a reef tank in which the coral reefs will be nurtured and the climate can fully be controlled. In these tanks, young coral can grow, after which they are replanted into the sea. There they will continue to grow in their natural habitat. In total we need €5000: €4800 for the tanks, which costs €1200 each. The spare €200 is required for shipment and installation of the tanks. 

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Reef Support is a non-profit based in the Netherlands. They closely cooporate with the Indonesia Biru Foundation. Together, their goal is to restore 500m2 of coral reef before August 2022.

Reef Support and Indonesia Biru Foundation have come together to set-up “the first coral lab in the Central Indonesia region”. This project taps on new coral reef restoration techniques while at the same time, become a sustainable economic model for local coastal communities around South East Asia.

Why is this project revolutionary?

Land-based coral farms integrate breakthrough methods to accelerate coral growth up to 50 times (using the technique of micro-fragmentation) while enhancing their resiliency to warming and acidifying oceans (assisted evolution). In micro-fragmentation the corals will be cut into smaller polyps, which stimulates tissue growth. Because of this the corals can grow up to 50 times as fast as in their natural habitats.

Depending on farm size, hundreds of thousands or millions of corals can be grown from each site annually. For perspective, the largest existing coral farming project (which only grows fast-growing species without enhanced resiliency on dependent on a single grant for funding) grew 40,000 corals one time.

If deployed at scale, this contribution can preserve coral reefs from destruction and extinction until meaningful climate change mitigation measures are enacted. It also can help jumpstart the creation of a ‘Restoration Economy,’ incentivizing other forms of scalable and financially sustainable ecosystem restoration while creating good new jobs for local communities around the world.

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80% reached! Thank you

22-11-2021 | 09:08 Dear donors, Currently, we have reached over 80% of our target! Thank you for the amazing support! Around the first of December the building of the coral lab is going to start. We will then of course keep you updated with the progress. At the moment we are busy with obtaining the first building materials and utilities for the lab. We are also closely working together with the local community with whom we are going to execute this project. For the last bit of capital we still need some generous donors that would like to help us out. If you wish to support our project further, please feel free to share our project with friends and family. We hope you are all stoked to see our first results! Thank you for the donations!  
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