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We are Emiel, Merel and Sophie, students of Delft University of Technology. As part of our minor International Entrepreneurship & Development, we are doing a project with the Strategic Entrepreneurship Program Sierra Leone (SEP-SL). Their goal is to decrease youth unemployment and stimulate entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. 

The country itself experiences major social issues and is number 182 out of 189 on the Human Development Index. According to WaterAid, more than six out of 10 people in Sierra Leone do not have a safe and reliable water supply.

Last year SEP-SL succesfully started a pump building business with young entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. Reliable water pumps are produced in their workplace in Sierra Leone with local materials and a Dutch design. Untill now six pumps have been installed.

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But why do they need your support? We have two goals we want to achieve.

1. Many local schools do not have access to clean and safe water supply. We are going to change that! We want to install flamingo water pumps near public schools so that every child has access to water.

2. The second goal we want to achieve is to improve the working conditions in the workplace. Last year the first six water pumps were installed in Freetown with the SEP organization. The water pumps are now made in a workplace in Rokel. However, the process is not very safe nor efficient yet. This is where we step in! We will use the crowdfunding to purchase supplies: clamps, welding masks, safety boots and other essentials for the development of the business.


Costs (€)

Pumps (8x)

8 x 160 = 1280

Safety Equipment


Pump development





Besides running the water pump business, the SEP runs a tailoring facility in Freetown. In this facility the students develop their skills and gain practical experience. They produce beautiful bags and face masks made from recycled  fabrics. These products are sold in the Netherlands and the revenue is used to invest in the organisation to sustain and grow the business. For every donation to this crowdfunding we award a beautiful product from the tailoring facility.

For (technical) questions do not hesitate to contact us at

We students will pay for our own overhead costs, so every penny goes to the water system!