We are one step closer!

21-05-2021 | 10:13

We made it! – Thanks to you!


The generosity and support we have received throughout this campaign blew past any expectations we might have had at the start. Thanks to your support, we raised the 12.000€ we needed to cover our insurance fee. This is a very tall barrier that many amateur teams have to face and often it stops their progress for months or even years, as it is a purely financial obstacle that cannot be solved with calculus, engineering, or talent.


Thanks to your help, we can now start focusing purely on our launch campaign this October, and we are one step closer to reaching our final goal.


Thank you to everyone who donated, from the bottom of our hearts, for your help, support, and trust. Together, we can reach new and greater heights.


Why is the campaign still open?


For the launch campaign, every participant will have to pay a participation fee, in order to cover travel, camping and sustenance for the long 4 week campaign.


The money that is raised from now on from this campaign will go directly to help ease the financial burden on our students:


For every 850€ raised, we would be able to fully sponsor a student for the entirety of the launch campaign. Any money we raise will go towards reducing the participation fee for every member of the team!


Thank you everyone for your continued support.