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 We are the Motown Movement, a nonprofit organization active in both The Netherlands and the U.S., run by 5 students from the Delft University of Technology. Our goal: making sustainable housing accessible for everyone. We develop, gather and share sustainable low-budget & do-it-yourself techniques for everyone to implement into their home. As a proof-of-concept, we bought a broken-down house in Detroit which we are rebuilding into a green, self-sustainable home. By transforming this building we are bringing together research and education in a showcase for sustainable living. After completion, the house will serve as a community center for the Hope Village community and all the other Detroiters. To stimulate the development and publication of the sustainable techniques, we are in talks with Delft University of Technology about setting up a Masters course in which low-budget & DIY techniques will be researched and developed. The knowledge acquired in Detroit will be 'translated to' and used in The Netherlands to set up a similar project.

Through an online platform and literally 'setting foot' in communities and neighborhoods we are making sustainable housing accessible for a much larger group: the middle and lower-income classes. By doing so, everyone can contribute to a more sustainable living environment, regardless of income, living condition or country.

Over the past months, we have been working hard to finish the house but we are not there. Yet. In April, we will return to Detroit for one last time to finish the house completely. In order to do so, we can use all possible support, both from locals and from you! Together, we will make sure the living conditions for all Detroiters will improve and by donating we will make sustainable housing accessible for everyone!

With your donation we make sustainable housing available for everyone. We added little gifts that you get when you donate. We can not guaranty however, that you will get this. We try to spend every donated penny on the project and therefore do not have a big budget for shipping costs. We hope you understand. 

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Crowdfund Kick off

27-02-2020 | 18:00 Vandaag gaat onze Crowdfund campagne van start!  Help ons om duurzame woningbouw beschikbaar te maken voor iedereen. Al met een Donatie van €10 kunnen wij heel veel! Bijvoorbeeld een gipsplaat kopen voor in het Community Centrum.  Met een donatie van €50 kunnen wij al een heel raamkozijn kopen! bij €1000 kunnen wij direct het gehele ventilatiesysteem af maken. 
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