Thank you for your donation!

17-06-2019 | 17:04

Dear donor, 

Our crowdfunding campaign has come to an end. We would like to thank you for your donation! You will receive the reward as soon as possible. Although we did not raise our target amount, and we are not able to fund the propellor fully with our campaign, our campaign has been a succes! 

Your donation will help us finance the propellor partly. We are glad to share that we have found alternative ways ot finance the remaing part.  

Our submarine is ready for the race and is being shipped to Washington right now. Just a few more days and our submarine will race against other submarines in the International Submarine Races. The WASUB team worked really hard for this moment and gave everything they had for building this submarine. We hope you are as excited about the race as we are. Our chance to break the world record is almost within our reach.

To keep you up to date about all the events during the race, our PR-team will be busy with capturing all the important moments in a vlog. This vlog can be watched on our Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter. These vlogs will cover all aspects of the race. From our diving team to all the way up to the engineers, everything will be covered in this vlog. 

Once again thank you for your donation and remember to watch our daily vlogs!

Kind regards,