Water in Sierra Leone!

01-01-2021 | 19:00

Dear supporter, 

We are happy to let you know that our project in Sierra Leone has ended successfully and the rope pumps have been placed in Sierra Leone. With your help, we raised €5.773 for young entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone and were able to build 3 rope pumps for the people in Sierra Leone.

In the last few weeks the pumps were build and installed in Sierra Leone. Together with our Sierra Leonean colleagues, we were able to build the pumps and helped SEP-SL to continue and expand its business. The first two pumps are all fully functioning and the third pump will be finished soon as the well needs to be dug deeper. 

In the meantime, SEP-SL received a lot of positive comments about the rope pumps and many people requested the pump to be built in their compound or community. SEP-SL is really happy with all this attention and intends to turn the rope pump building in a business. We hope that this business will succeed and even more Sierra Leoneans will have safe access to drinking water in the future. The three of us will stay connected to the project as advisors and help to manage the building of new pumps. 

To finish the project we delivered the engraved names of our biggest supporters to the proud owners of the new rope pump in Sierra Leone. This metal sheet will soon be attached to the pump.

SEP-SL also started with the production of new products like cheerful laptop-cases and pencil-cases. If you’re interested in such a happy product, please let us know or take a look on this site: https://slyi.nl/shop/ 


Rolf, Tetsuo and Laurens