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In honour of our 125th Anniversary, we of D.B.S.G. Stylos are organising the project 'Create with Delft'. As study association of the Architecture programme, we want to bring students and citizens of Delft together by collectively building an artwork, made of cardboard!

The French top artist Olivier Grossetête has designed an artwork that we will build together with 150 citizens, companies and educational institutions from Delft by hand using cartboard boxes. 

We are close to bridge the budget required for this event but we need you for the last bit! Together we can realize this project on May 9th.

Be the stepping stone to our project and donate or share!



Yael von Mengden

Delft is rich in all its different citizens, companies, organisations, and educational institutions. In spirit of the social nature of the ‘Building with Delft’ project, these different kinds of people have the opportunity to meet and connect during the series of workshops. They can contribute to the artwork by collaboratively making the constructive cardboard parts. Together, we will be working towards the highlight of the week: the construction of the gigantic cardboard artwork. This is how ‘Create with Delft’ brings the local citizens together.

During a series of workshops from May 5-8, each cartboard box will become part of the artwork. The highlight of the week will be the construction of the artwork on May 9th. The day after, on May 10th, the artwork will be deconstructed, after which the boxes will be recycled. You are cordially invited to both festivities to help build the artwork and thereby a stronger bond between the TU and Delft as a city! 

For this occasion, Stylos has invited French artist Olivier Grossetête. Olivier Grôssetete is the founder of the social project ‘The Participative Monumental Construction’. He designs humongous cardboard buildings which are being constructed solely by human force and collaboration. The cardboard parts, which the structure consists of, will be made during a series of workshops from the 5th untill the 8th of May in the city. After this, Olivier and his team will supervise the 150 volunteers to construct the massive building.


This year, D.B.S.G. Stylos, the study association of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Stylos is, with over 2000 members, one of the biggest and most active study associations in the Netherlands. It is completely run by students, that work both part-time and full-time to organize a wide range of events, such as a career event called BAU, where students can meet about 40 architectural firms, a music and arts festival called BkBeats, with over 3000 visitors inside the faculty, and a three-week study trip to distant locations such as Japan, India and Mexico.

€5 Donate Your building block for the foundation 'Het Stylobaat' - Your cardboard building block as an element of the foundation 'Het Stylobaat'. As a reward, your name will be displayed next to the artwork. 77 donors €25 Donate Column - Five cardboard boxes together form a column, indispensable for carrying the roof of the artwork. As a reward, you will receive a digital photo of the artwork. Of course you will also receive previous rewards 21 donors €50 Donate Capital - Ten cardboard boxes create the capital, the important transition between the column and the roof. As a reward for this connection you receive a special thank you video. Of course you also receive the previous rewards 9 donors €125 Donate Architrave - Architraves form the basis of the roof. As a reward you will receive an exclusive sketch of the artwork design during the festivities on May 9th and 10th. Of course you will also receive the previous rewards. 4 donors €250 Donate The Frieze - The frieze is an essential part of the roof, giving meaning to the building. As a reward, all donators of this amount will receive a tour of the Faculty of Architecture and Stylos. Companies can also receive a logo next to the artwork. Of course you will also receive the previous rewards. 3 donors €500 Donate The Roof - Hundred cardboard boxes serve as the roof with the absolute highlight being the tympanum. As a reward your company logo or name will appear in the credits of the after movie of the project. Of course you will also receive the previous rewards. 1 donor
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Thank you!!

02-05-2019 | 16:14 Dear supporters of Create with Delft, We are delighted to share with you that we can start building thanks to your donation! We are very enthousiastic and will start creating the cardboard building blocks for the artwork this Sunday.  You are very welcome to join us during the construction of the artwork on the 9th & 10th of May, next to the Delft trainstation. We are very happy that we are able to create the artwork at such a central place in Delft together with all our supporters, the students and the other residents of Delfts In case you have not received your reward yet we will make sure you receive it as soon as possible after the realization of our artwork.  Again many thanks for you donation and we will see you next week!  Stylos  
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